Saturday, October 5, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 976-980

After taking a week off from the blog while traveling for work, I figured what better way to start back up than with a dose of insanity. 

Two of the five cards about to be shown are from great trading partners, so a quick thank you to Brandon L. and Marcus from the All the Way to the Backstop blog for the respective contributions to the SNI set.

Have fun with the next 5!!

Card # 976:  Brian Schmitt

Serial Number: 126
Team:  Houston Astros, card # 23/50

This latest contribution by trade partner Brandon L. becomes the first Topps Reserve card to be part of the set.  I'll hazard a guess that this card is the only card ever printed for Mr. Schmitt (start digging...), because he never advanced above A ball in his 5 professional seasons.

Card # 977:  Huston Street

Serial Number:  936
Team:  San Diego Padres, card # 37/50.

3 things I like about this card.  It's a blue parallel from Opening Day (you've heard me babble on about my love for that set many times).  It's a great horizontal shot.  It features Street in the Sunday camos.  Another reason that I like the SNI project, who would have thought that this far into the set that the Padres would have more cards than any other NL West team? (Padres 37, Dbacks 31, Dodgers and Giants 29, Rockies 24)

Card # 978:  Carl Pavano

Serial Number:  886
Team:  Minnesota Twins, card # 29 out of 50

I guess it's horizontal pitcher card day here.  Even so, I do like this shot of the Pavano follow through.  How many of you remember that he was traded once for Pedro Martinez?  Wow, Pavano and Tony Armas Jr for Pedro maybe ranks as one of the greatest steals ever for the Red Sox...

Card # 979:  Neil Walker

Serial Number:  1104
Team:  Pittsburgh Pirates, card # 33/50

A couple of stints this year on the DL messed up his swing for quite a while, resulting in the lowest batting average of Neil's four full seasons in the bigs (.251).  The power numbers stuck around though, largely because of a hot streak in the last couple of the weeks of the season which vaulted him to a career high in HRs (16).

Card # 980: Mike Lowell

Serial Number:   1137
Team:  Boston Red Sox, card # 34/50

Forget the minor leaguers that never really panned out, the trade that brought him to the Red Sox was a pretty even one.   Lowell and Josh Beckett for Anibal Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez turned out to be a pretty good swap for both sides in the long run. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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