Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bits and pieces

To be honest, now that I look back on last weekend's card show, I think that I'm happy that I came home with some big "chunks" out of the '64 & '75 Topps sets. 

What I don't need right now is another pile of cards on my desk.  Just as I thought that the battle was starting to be won, bits and pieces of some great stuff came in to the habit household.

Let's start with Duff over at the Bleedin' Brown and Gold blog, who sent me a fantastic package filled with hockey card greatness...I decided to show only one card because it's quite appropriate.

Jamie Storr laying down on the job here in this card from the 98-99 Pacific set kind of reminded me that I've really been taking it easy as far as posting goes lately. 

Duff sent me a package of cards that nearly wiped out one set, and put a major dent into another.  Thank you very much Duff!!

The latest whipping boy release from Topps (at least the retail sector) is their annual homage to Chrome.  I decided to partake in a couple of the retail "tri-packs" a couple of weeks back, and I don't think I fared too badly.  No, I didn't pull any fancy autographs or superstar limited parallels, but I did manage to grab one card towards the insanity set that I think looks kind of sharp.

The blue refractor parallel of Salvador Perez is # 176/199, which made me quite happy when I pulled it from a pack.  There's a few cards in the 9 packs that I opened that are going to make their way to other bloggers in the near future.

Speaking of other bloggers, I recently completed a quick and dirty really simple trade with Mark over at the This Way to the Clubhouse blog.  Mark is one that I consider a bit of a kindred spirit, as he has a couple of parallel sets that he's been plugging away at.  You can see what I sent his way here, and in return Mark was great enough to knock off some more serial numbers for the SNI project.  In addition, same great Jim Thome cards came my way as well.

Seeing triple??
Thank you Mark for the trade!!

Keep those want lists up to date out there, I'm on the hunt looking for more trades.  You might be next...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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