Tuesday, October 29, 2013

An eclectic group of cards

When I pored over a great padded envelope of cards that came in to my mailbox yesterday from Nick over at the Dime Boxes blog, the word eclectic came to mind.

     eclectic:  adj.  deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

Now anyone that hunts through dime boxes to find his treasures certainly could be called eclectic, because the fodder for dime box hunts comes from a period where the card companies released a wide assortment of cards, some pleasing to the eye and some.....well.....

Let's have a little fun and look over some of that diversity, shall we?

Sorry Dave, no matter how badly this may go, we're going to go through with it anyhow....

Now here we have Devon White doing an advertisement for pine tar on the left.  On the right, we have Devon White doing an advertisement for a product that is nowhere near similar to pine tar.

The only non Blue Jay in the envelope was this card...

How could you not like a card featuring a play at the plate with the Kid?  Unlike hockey where the red white and blue is hated, the Expos were a team I found easy to cheer for when I was younger.  The team could hit, could run, and was young during the early 80's.  I can still hear Dave Van Horne and Duke Snider calling games on CBC on the weekend...

I was able to knock off one of the emerald cards from the Blue Jays team set for this year....

How about a Classic spelling error (a sign of the times in the junk wax era)

I before E applies in Dave's name as well.

Nick sent some shiny to appeal to the kid in me...

I actually read about a week or so ago an article online about what the Jays should get in return for Jose Reyes.  If the Jays trade him, it might be time for me to jump ship.  They haven't had a decent leadoff hitter in quite some time, and trading this guy would just set them back 10 years...

Finally, at least there was one Canadian in the envelope amidst all the Blue Jays

This is probably the only card that could feature Dave McKay exclusively as a 2nd baseman.  Dave played 140 games in '78 at 2nd, every other year of his career he split time between 2nd, short and 3rd.

Nick, thank you very much for the envelope, very much appreciated.

Note to self:  Find a word to describe cards in the future that is easier to type than eclectic.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Glad you enjoyed everything, Robert! I didn't even notice the spelling error on the Stieb when I threw it into your pile, nice catch!

  2. Love the 90C Dave Steib card. I mean Stieb card. I grew up cheering for him.