Sunday, October 27, 2013

1000 is a lot farther than I thought I would ever reach with the SNI project

Today's the day.  2 years ago I started this mission to find 1500 unique serial numbered cards, 50 for each major league franchise.

So far, I have 1000 of them listed on a spreadsheet.  It's been great having people hunt for cards to contribute to this set.  I think that's what makes me appreciate this project even more, the fact that it's been so well received (for the most part).

So without further adieu, here are cards 996-1000.

Card # 996:  Salvador Perez

Serial Number:  176
31st card out of 50 for the Royals

The Royals have got this guy locked up long term, and if he keeps progressing the way he has over his first 3 seasons, the $3.75M, $5M and $6M options for 2017-2019 are going to look like a steal for Kansas City. The blue Chrome refractors really do scan well, and it looks even better with the KC colors...

Card # 997:  Bobby Jenks

Serial Number:  1139
30th card out of 50 for the White Sox

Did a little digging to find out what happened with Jenks, only to find out that he's had a rough go of it since the end of his 2011 season.  Physical ailments (back surgery) and a DUI in March 2012 are the only notes I could find about him.  I hope that his life has improved over the past 18 months...

Card # 998:  Juan Gutierrez

Serial Number:  1163
32nd card out of 50 for the Diamondbacks

Half of the 26 HRs that JC has given up in his career were during the 2010 season.  2.1 HRs per 9 innings during that year is not a stat that anyone would want to have...

Card # 999:  Thomari Story-Harden

Serial Number:  1326
30th card out of 50 for the Dodgers

This is about as obscure a player as you're going to see in the SNI set.   Thomari never played above high A ball in the minors, and was out of the game by the age of 26.

Card # 1000:  Todd Wellemeyer

Serial Number:  1246
33rd card out of 50 for the Cubs

Now at least I've heard of Todd, who spent 8 seasons with 5 different clubs.  Todd had an interesting 2007 season.  He started on the western side of Missouri as a reliever with the Royals, and had an ERA over 10. The Cardinals picked him up off of waivers in May, turned him into a hybrid starter/reliever, and he pitched quite well in the eastern half of the state, with an ERA slightly above 3.

Just 500 more to go...the fun has only just begun with this insanity.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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