Monday, September 16, 2013

Serial insanity cards 951-955

5 more:

Card # 951:  Bobby Parnell

Serial Number:  1106
Team:  New York Mets, card # 35/50

The promotion to closer seems to have been good to Parnell.   He's posting career bests in ERA, WHIP and HR allowed (only 1 so far this year).  The Mets still need a couple of more pieces in the field to go along with Wright and EY to get back into the pennant chase in 2014.

Card # 952:  John Danks

Serial Number:  286
Team:  Chicago White Sox, card # 28/50

A former first rounder of the Rangers in 2003, Danks signed a pretty good deal after the 2011 season (5/$65 million).  Missed a good portion of 2012 with injuries, and the home run ball has hurt him this year (28 allowed).  Seeing this guy turn it around will start to help the south siders back from mediocrity...

Card # 953:  Kyle Seager

Serial Number:  593
Team:  Seattle Mariners, card # 25/50

Kyle is posting career bests in HR, batting average and BB for so far in 2013,  and at age 25 it looks as if he could man the hot corner for the M's for a long time.  I just noticed that this was his rookie card, I'm going to have to check and see how many RC's I have in the SNI set...

Card # 954:  Brayan Pena

Serial Number:  720
Team:  Kansas City Royals, card # 30/50

Having a great season as the #2 catcher in Detroit.  The Tigers look as if they are going to hold off the Royals this year, which makes me a little sad, because it has been good to see the resurgence of the Royals.  2014 should be very interesting again in the AL Central...

Card # 955:  Rafael Soriano

Serial Number:  622
Team:  New York Yankees, card # 43/50

The Yankees become the first team to reach the 43 card level, and looking up Soriano's stats, I see now that he has saved 40+ games for three different teams.   Anyone know if he's the first to accomplish that?

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Lee Smith? Rod Beck? Randy Myers? There has to be a well traveled closer who did that before.

    1. 1. Lee Smith, 40+ saves in St. Louis 3 times. No other stop on his journey had 40+.
      2. Rod Beck, 40+ in San Fran and Chicago.
      3. Randy Myers, 40+ in Chicago and Baltimore.