Monday, September 16, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 941-945

These 5 cards bring the set to 63% complete.  I'll be adding another percentage point during the marathon.   Here's some more insanity for you...

Card # 941:  Jonathan Papelbon

Serial Number:  869
Team:  Boston Red Sox, card # 32/50

Numbers don't lie with this guy, how about a career ERA of 2.63 and WHIP of 1.023.  This might be the first full season of his career where he doesn't achieve the 30 save mark.  He needs 4 more as of this writing...

Card # 942:  Brandon Webb

Serial Number:  1445
Team:  Arizona Diamondbacks, card # 30/50

One could only imagine how many wins that this guy would have earned had shoulder problems not derailed his career.  Over a 4 year period, his win totals went from 14-16-18-22.  

Card # 943:  Don Kelly

Serial Number:  1116
Team:  Detroit Tigers, card # 24/50

Don could legally change his name to Super Utility Man, and everyone would completely understand.  Has played 6 different positions + DH in at least one game each of the last two seasons.  Hard to believe that the only position he hasn't played during his 5 years in Detroit is shortstop.   Huh?

Card # 944:  Carlos Lee

Serial Number:  234
Team:  Texas Rangers, card # 39/50

I liked this guy.  Carlos was never on a team that I liked, or even followed, but for some reason I could find a reason to cheer for this guy.  Probably because everywhere he went, he hit.  .285 career average, 358 career home runs.  He spent only 59 games in Texas in 2006, but hit .322 with 9 homers.

Maybe the nickname "El Caballo" had something to do with it as well...

Card # 945:  Ryan Howard

Serial Number:  1220
Team:  Philadelphia Phillies, card # 29/50

This is the 4th card of Ryan Howard in the SNI set.  Also, there are 15 total players with the first name of Ryan featured so far ( Adams, Anderson, Braun, Church, Dempster, Doumit, Drese, Franklin, Howard, Kalish, Ludwick, Madson, Raburn, Spilborghs, Zimmerman).  Did anyone get tired just reading that list?

Thanks for reading, Robert

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