Monday, September 2, 2013

Sampling, pt.1

While playing chauffeur on Saturday for my wife and her two friends, I was asked to stop at Target so they could look around.   This was one stop that I had no problem with, because of the card display at the front of the cash registers.

Since there is only one current product on the shelves that I'm working on set wise (2013-14 OPC hockey), there wasn't a whole lot on the display that really stood out.  I wound up deciding on a handful of OPC packs (of course), and a couple of products that I hadn't planned on purchasing at all this summer (GQ and Bowman Platinum). 

I guess you could call it "sampling", maybe somebody more in the know could help me out there. 

I figured that I'd get a couple of posts out of what I pulled, splitting the posts up by sport.  Let's start with the hockey goodies.

This year's OPC set is probably one of my most favorite of the past few years.   That's probably why I've bought as much as I have already.

The legends photography is always top notch, and this year is no different.

What makes them so special for me this year is the photos aren't generic ones that have been used many times in the past.  The Mike Bossy photo in the center is one of the best I've seen so far this year.

The rookies so far have left something to be desired.  The hyped up "double rookie class" is proving to be a tough one to crack, at least for me.  The only big name RC I've been able to snag is the Jonathan Huberdeau. 

I seem to be pulling all the rookies that played a handful of games last year.  It's even harder because the teams I follow didn't play any western conference teams last season, therefore making the rookies on that side of the league a little more "unknown". 

I pulled just one of the rainbow parallels out of the 5 packs I bought.

Not sure why every time I see this guy I think of "skillet" instead of Skille
I like the rainbow parallels.   Not enough to chase the whole set of all 600, but if the Leaf parallels were to find their way here, I wouldn't be upset at all. 

This next card is my favorite card of the set so far.  It's not too often that I say that about a base card, but the vintage uniform featured is fantastic...

The Gilmour card features him in the circa 1930's Leaf jerseys.  I love the old style design and logo, I've always thought that the logo looked much more "natural" than the computer generated logo of today.  This is the 2nd base card for Gilmour that I own, which is good because I will not have to chase an extra copy down for my Leafs collection. 

Nothing overly fabulous in the 5 packs, but still some stuff worth showing off.  Next up, GQ & BP.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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