Sunday, September 8, 2013

My top 5: 2013 Topps Heritage

I received a PWE from Doug over at the Sportscards From The Dollar Store blog that contained card #259, which finished off this set, finally.  With set #27 complete and ready to be put away, I did what will be customary for me going forward, I took a good look at all the cards and came up with my top 5.  There is a kind of a disclaimer for this top 5, since I didn't bother with chasing down the SPs this year.  That means you're only going to see what I call the top 5 from cards 1-425.

This card is not on the countdown, but I'm going to show it anyways, because it appears that the Cardinals may have two great pitchers on their staff, and I thought that both of them sharing a rookie card was excellent.

Both Miller and Rosenthal came up for looks last season, and in 2013 they have been very solid hurlers for St. Louis.  A potentially great foundation for years to come...

OK, here we go:

# 5:  Card #263 Vance Worley

I forget who the other pitcher in the set was that had the same type of glasses as Worley, but I picked Vance's card for the sole fact that his frames were solid white.  The lenses are so thin that it almost looks as if he's wearing nothing but the frames.

#4:  Card #305  Todd Helton

There are a couple of miserable looking souls on the countdown, and Helton's card just screams "I'm 40 years old dammit, don't you have a stock photo you could use of me??"  It also must be miserably cold where the photo was taken, because it appears that the trees behind Todd still don't have any leaves on them.

#3:  Card #63  Jason Grilli

I could have easily made this card #2 or #1, simply because this is the defining yell at the end of outings that Pittsburgh has seen for the past two years.  This guy pitches with raw emotion, and leaves everything he has on the field every time he goes out. 

#2:  Card #35  Michael Bourn

The 2nd miserable looking player to be featured, Bourn looks like he'd rather be anywhere than having his picture taken.  Even better, that's not his bat.  Bourn wore #24 while with Atlanta in 2012.  Who wore #48 last year for the Braves?  Tommy Hanson, who went 1 for 49 at the plate.  Probably why the bat looks so new.  Stick with the leaping catches Michael....

#1:  Card #68 Cameron Maybin

I get a chuckle every time I look at this card.   Tell me that isn't the look of a player, eyes on the pitcher after returning to the dugout thinking "I'm going to get you next time".  This is one of the few cards in the set that looks like the photo was taken during a game, which gives me more reason to like it.

I'm sure that there are other cards that people liked more than these, but hey that's what makes card collecting so great.  Everyone has their opinions, good, bad or indifferent.  Let me hear what you think I missed....

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Didn't know about the Grilli card, I like that one a lot. I probably would've changed a few things around, but mostly based on players and not the "look" of the card. You're absolutely right with #1, in my opinion. Great card. Too bad Maybin only played 14 games this season. More Heritage cards should feature players in the throwback unis. It just makes sense.

  2. Oh come on, how didn't that Youkilis card make it?

    1. Youk was in the top 12, it just didn't stand out like these 5 did for me.

  3. Justin Morneau's card is my far and away my favorite from this year's Heritage. The Maybin is probably second.