Saturday, September 14, 2013

If you're not going to put the damn things away, write about them.

The great desk cleanup continues.  There are spots on the desk that are visible that I probably haven't seen in a couple of months, if not longer.  Yes, progress has been made but there's still a ways to go.

So, while trying to get caught up on the serial insanity cards (the marathon is coming Monday), I decided that with nothing else to write about as far as trades or new purchases, I'd grab five cards from the Jays pile that hasn't been put away yet and write a quick blurb about them.

A week ago, I had a lot more of these to write about.   No matter, let's have a little fun...

Let's start with the ugliest card of the five.

Wow.  That's bad.  1993 Score #506 all star card of Joe Carter.  I was never a real big fan of art cards that show the player with a skinny body and a oversized head.  Now you see why...

This is a name that will make me wince every time I have to try and type it.  Noah had a pretty good season in high A/ double A, 23 starts with a combined ERA just over 3.  Give it another couple of years and we may see him wearing the Blue Jays logo full time in T.O.  [EDIT:  Thanks to Max for setting me straight, Noah is on the Mets now, and I probably will not have to worry about typing his last name anymore.  whew!]

1998 Pacific Omega # 248.  I mentioned recently my love of Omega, and the baseball stitching for the "borders" on this card only enhances that for me.  It doesn't hurt that the card features a great double play leap by Gonzalez.

I've long loved the red jerseys that the Jays roll out on Canada Day, and Pat Hentgen is wearing his in style.  This card features him against the Orioles during his Cy Young season of 1996 in the July 1st game that Pat and the Jays lost 7-4.

After a disastrous 2012 at AAA and in the majors, Carreno recovered in 2013 and threw quite well in AA/AAA.  With the sad state of the rotation this year, Carreno may get a shot to start again next year.  This is one of the few Bowman releases I like, the black borders are sharp in my opinion.

I'm hoping that I will not have to do too many more of these posts once this desk is cleared off.  Then again, procrastination has always been a strong suit of mine...

thanks for reading, Robert

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