Friday, September 6, 2013

Almost a perfect game

Great stuff.  I come home today to a bubble mailer on the dining room table, and as I always do, I look to the name in the upper left corner.  Looking to see which of the many great people in the blog world has sent me some goodies.

Today's name I didn't recognize right away.  It had been a while since Tom from The Angels, In Order and I had traded, or even conversed.  No worries there though, because Tom was right on the money with these cards.

There was 20 cards in the envelope, divided up evenly for me to create two posts.  The first 10 cards are from a parallel set that I started working on a while ago, but kind of put on the back burner for the past few months.

Say hello to 10 Upper Deck X die cuts...

I put the cards in numerical order before I scanned them just to make them easier to put away later.  The first five represent a full house, Indians full of Rockies.  That's just how it worked out.

A lot of stars and big names (at least in 2008) were in this lot.  I wondered where Milledge was once I saw his card, I found out that he's in Japan playing for the Yokult Swallows.  

If Tom had sent me two more of the X die cuts, I would have had a perfect game.  Yes, I bowled a lot growing up and seeing the X's always reminds me of that.  No, I never threw a perfect game myself (though I did throw 15 consecutive strikes over two games once...).

Tomorrow, I add to one of my PCs, plus one more card for another set that's been neglected.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. You realize you wrote this a couple hours before there was almost a perfect game?