Monday, September 9, 2013

A quartet of 75's, along with some quarter burlap

I did fairly well at the card show on the weekend.  As usual, I hit several tables, and my purchases hit several different want lists. 

Earlier today I posted a couple of '75 Hank Aaron cards that I picked up, with the plan of showing off the other 4 '75s this evening.

I was very pleased to find both the Rice and Carter rookie cards in great condition, and both at a very reasonable price.    At the same table, I also found the next two cards...

After these two beauties, I'm left with 11 cards to complete the '75 set, with the only major purchase left being the Nolan Ryan card. 

Before leaving, I had to hit the vintage dealer that I see every show, and he had his usual discount boxes waiting.  For a quarter a piece, I snagged these '68s...

I am always fascinated with vintage cards that feature players who played for the Jays, and the Rico Carty card quickly found its way into my pile.  Rico spent a couple of seasons in Toronto in the late 70's and hit quite well.  I found it interesting when looking up Rico's stats that he didn't play at all in 1968, and a little digging revealed that he was battling tuberculosis that year. 

Still more from the show to display, but I'm going to save them for another time. 

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Great pickups! Gotta love any vintage card for a quarter!

  2. I've never run across one of those vintage quarter boxes, but I'm afraid if I did, I'd try to buy the whole stinkin' lot.

  3. Nice condition on the Carter rookie. Looks better than mine.

  4. That Seaver is one of my favorites from the '75 set.