Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 911-915

With these 5 cards, the set is now at 61 % complete.  What's even better for me is that I have a lot of cards still to post and write about.  1100 by the end of the year is still somewhat realistic.

Enjoy these next 5...

Card #911:  Jayson Werth

Serial Number:  1372
Team:  Washington Nationals, card # 42 out of 50

I do remember that he was Blue Jays property at one time, however I didn't remember the name of the guy the Jays traded for him (John Bale), or the fact that Bale had a double digit ERA in his brief appearances with the Jays.  Jayson was then traded for another Jason, Frasor that is.  I'd like to think that the Jays did all right with that deal as well, even though Werth became quite the slugger with the Phillies.

Card #912:  Domonic Brown

Serial Number:  102
Team:  Philadelphia Phillies, card # 27 out of 50

Proof positive as to what every day playing time can do for a budding young star.   Over 3 previous seasons, Domonic appeared in 147 games in and hit 12 HR's with 102 hits.  So far in 2013?  108 hits and 26 HR's.   Not too shabby for a 20th rd pick.

Card #913:  Brent Morel

Serial Number:  343
Team:  Chicago White Sox, card # 26 out of 50

I'm guessing that the Sox have moved on from Morel being their future option at 3rd base.  It seems that Conor Gillaspie is for now the steady guy at the hot corner.  Maybe in a few years the Sox could chase down the next guy on the list to play 3rd for them. 

Card #914:  Pedro Alvarez

Serial Number:  1009
Team:  Pittsburgh Pirates, card # 31 out of 50

The scary part about this guy in 2013?  He hasn't gotten hot yet.  Pedro had a good run for a few weeks, but it didn't compare to the 2 weeks he had last July where he carried the team on his back.  The Pirates have him for one more year at $700K, then arbitration hits.  If his 2014 is anything like '12 and '13, the Pirates will be paying through the nose.

Card #915:  Tim Hudson

Serial Number:  322
Team:  Atlanta Braves, card # 33 out of 50

Is 250 wins going to be the new benchmark for pitchers?  Hudson is 45 wins away from that number, and at age 37 he'd have to last probably 3 more seasons to hit that number.   Hard to believe that the game has changed so much that we may have seen the end of the 300 game winner.  The only person that I see that is young enough to have a realistic shot at 300 wins is CC Sabathia (200 wins at age 32).

Thanks for reading, Robert

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