Sunday, August 11, 2013

Serial Insanity cards 906-910

I've decided to wait a day before writing about my card show experience from today.  Instead, you'll see the next 5 cards in the serial insanity set, which brings the set to 60.67% complete.

Card #906:  Alex Rodriguez

Serial Number:  1126
Team:  New York Yankees, card # 41 out of 50

As much as everyone loves to hate this man, did Bud Selig overstep his bounds by slapping a 200+ game suspension on this guy?  Personally, I'd say yes, but I'm no lawyer, and I'd love to see how this will play out in court when the dust finally settles on his case.

Card #907: Trevor Plouffe

Serial Number:  1014
Team:  Minnesota Twins, card # 27 out of 50

After being a super sub for the past two seasons, Trevor's talents have remained strictly at the infield corners.  Kind of makes sense, since he displayed corner infielder power last season with 24 HR in 422 AB's.  

Card #908:  Martin Maldonado

Serial Number:  1250
Team:  Milwaukee Brewers, card # 27 out of 50

Really struggling with the bat this year, only hitting .180 in 150 AB's.  Wonder if that's due to Ryan....oh, never mind.

Card #909:  Philip Humber

Serial Number:  1153
Team:  Houston Astros, card # 21 out of 50

A former first rounder of the Mets in 2004, it just hasn't been there for Philip, and it appears that the 2013 season may have been his last opportunity (but what do I know).  Seven starts with a 9.59 ERA and a 2.019 WHIP for the Astros just may be his undoing.  You just never know though, do you??

Card #910:  Ian Stewart

Serial Number:  976
Team:  Chicago Cubs, card # 32 out of 50

Another 1st rounder, this time the 10th pick of the 2003 draft by the Rockies, Ian has also struggled to find his way in the bigs.  Ian did show some pop in 2009, hitting 25 HR's with the Rox, however it hasn't gone well since then.  The Dodgers recently signed him as a free agent, and who knows?  Maybe  if Juan Uribe falls victim to the hidden ball trick again, maybe they'll add him to the 40 man roster?  (yes, I'm well aware that my team is in the basement and I shouldn't be picking on a player from a first place club.)

Thanks for reading, Robert

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