Sunday, August 18, 2013

Living vicariously through the Gint-A-Cuffs posts

I waited until the last day to decide, but I chose to not participate in the Gint-A-Cuffs V competition this year.  To those of you out there that are in the competition, good luck!

I have taken the time in the past couple of days to start looking at some of the posts, and I will say that I do like the cards so far.  I think that the lighter "border" this year are what appeals to me, and from the blaster/rack pack that I bought, the inserts are all right as well.

I guess I'll show off what I pulled, so you can see if there's anything that may interest you for your collection/set building needs:

How about the SPs to start?  I snagged 5 of them, one of which is Josh Johnson of the Jays.

Tell me how handy it was that the week this set is released, Jason Dufner wins a major!  I decided to run a quick eBay search, and thought it interesting that an auto'd A&G card is on a BIN for $100.   Wow.

You're wondering about the minis?  Sure, have a look:

There's that Dufner guy again.  The Doerr and Murray cards are both A&G backs.  I like the black bordered Scutaro mini.  I'm sure that these will find their way to good homes...

If I were to collect any of the insert sets, it would probably be the palaces and strongholds set.  I've always been fascinated about how man built some of the world's greatest structures, and these would be no different. 

I like the across the years insert set as well.   Comparing the birthdays of these ballplayers to other famous people was interesting to me.

Kudos to Topps for making the nameplate of Paul Goldschmidt absolutely unreadable.  It would have been very interesting to see what the NL central race would have looked like if Johnny Cueto had been healthy this year. 

While what I've posted here doesn't compare to the GAC posts, hopefully somebody will see a card or 3 that they want, and post a comment on the blog. 

Good luck to every one in the GAC competition, I'll be following the posts as closely as I can!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. This is my favorite A&G offering in quite a while. I was happy with my blaster. It's just a fun selection of cards across the board. While everyone won't like all the cards it seems like there is something for everyone. I always like seeing stars of the past and the One Little Corner are my favorite inserts.

  2. As always, I'm interested in any non-insert A&G minis.

  3. I have an addition to your Insanity list that I'll swap for the card of Sedna, the most distant object known to orbit the Sun.

    1. You got it Marcus, I'll send it to you in a PWE...

  4. I got a $190- ticket the other day, so my Ginter purchases have been curtailed as well.

    If you would be willing to put that Milone card aside for me, I would make it worth your while.


  5. Would you be able to add Cueto and the Civilization cards to those others? I still need to get back to you on my end, of course. Will do in the next day or so, I hope.

    1. Potch, sending you the Cueto and Civilization cards today.