Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Just one

I would say that over the past couple of weeks, I've started to focus a little bit more on completing sets again.  Some new, some not so new.  Originally, set completion was going to be the primary focus of this blog.  But that kind of got sidetracked when I started trading, and found out that there was a whole world of cards out there to be had.

I also had this crazy idea for a frankenset that steered me off of the beaten path as well.  That project is still kicking and is approaching the 2 year mark. 

This past weekend I hit Sportlots and started to go back to my roots.   Set building.  For the most part.

There is one seller that I go back to over and over, because he's somewhat local (maybe 90 minutes from my house), and every order that I've completed with him has arrived within 2 days.

You read that right, two days!!

The latest order arrived today, and hit a few different want lists.  Instead of boring you with a whole bunch of players that you may or may not know about (do a search for Mike Iggulden, and you'll see what I mean), I'll show you just one card from each of the sets that arrived at my doorstep.

If I was collecting the 2013 Heritage SPs for my set, this would have been a card that I would have needed to buy twice.  But since I decided to work the base set only, this beauty goes into the Jays collection.

Adding Mr. Reyes leaves me with just one more Jay to complete my team set for this year's Heritage.  It's already on its way to me...

I also received 6 "Marquee Rookies" from the 08-09 OPC hockey set today.  But I'll just show you one, the one that actually has become a solid NHL player.

Alex Goligoski played all of 3 games in the 07-08 season, but that was enough to earn him a rookie card in the 08-09 OPC set.  The Penguins ended up using him as a trading chip to make themselves deeper up front, acquiring James Neal from the Dallas Stars. 

Finally, I'll show off a card from the 95-96 Collectors Choice Players Club parallel set I'm still working on, a future hall of famer by the name of Chris Chelios.

This guy posted numbers during his career that would have made any fantasy hockey player drool.  For example, his 1992-93 season consisted of 73 points, 282 penalty minutes, a +14 rating and 8 power play goals.  I found one season that amazed me more numbers wise.   2001-02, 39 points, +40 and over 25 minutes a game for the Red Wings, at the age of forty!!  Incredible.

I'm sure that I wouldn't be so flustered as often as I am if I wasn't working on so many sets.  My life would probably be so much easier if I had only one set/goal to work on at a time.

Just one?  Come on, who am I kidding?  Where would the fun be in that?

Thanks for reading, Robert

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