Friday, August 2, 2013

Colors aplenty, but no blue tape

I've been fortunate to receive plenty of envelopes from fellow collectors over the 2+ years since I started this blog.  In those envelopes, there have been a whole lot of notes.  Some humorous, some complimentary, and all of them appreciated.

But the latest note I received from Brian at the fantastic Play at the Plate blog struck me as quite unusual.

Brian apologized for having run out of blue tape.  I don't think I'll ever see that again in an envelope.  No worries however, because what arrived in the envelope was still packed safe, and is more than welcome here.

Let's start with a couple of cards from sets that I didn't buy any of this year...

The first color will be white, as in a white framed paper card of Jose Reyes from this year's Gypsy Queen

I would not object to getting a few more of these in Blue Jay form.  I think they look really good.

This next card doesn't really have a color, and I didn't know that Archives had created an insert set of these this year, but this tall boy of Fred McGriff is really great.

How about some assorted blue, green and gold?

Not good enough?  Ok, maybe platinum isn't a color, but for me these do just as good!

OK, one more color for ya, a Bowman black border card.

Brian has been one of the biggest supporters of my serial numbered quest, and he didn't disappoint me in this envelope.  Now normally I don't show serial numbered cards in regular posts, but I have a couple of other colors that go with the theme of this particular post.

Let's start with purple.

It's too bad that the purple refractors from Topps Chrome weren't numbered to 1500, because I wouldn't object to having a bunch more of these as part of the 1500 card set.

Finally, how about a little bit of brown framed paper.  Oh, and a legendary player to boot...

hey Babe

No blue tape?  No problem, there was more than enough color in this envelope that I didn't notice!

Thank you Brian, another great envelope!!!  Much appreciated...

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. That's right, use painter's/masking tape. S.T.A.N. (Stop Toploader Abuse Now)

  2. I'm a proud member of S.T.A.N. since 2011. It's an awesome organization!