Monday, August 26, 2013

Blue and White Monday: more green and red parallels

The final envelope from my Sportlots purchase from last weekend rolled into my mailbox today.  Of course, it was the envelope that I would have like to have arrived first, because it knocked off a trifecta of this year's sets.

The base sets that the envelope completed I'll start on tomorrow.  First, I have a few Blue Jays to show off.  I'll start with the cards from the envelope...

Outside of black, pink and gold, I believe that I have every other colored parallel of Colby Rasmus this year.  Not the most flattering of pictures for sure.  Hutchison is currently pitching for the AAA Buffalo Bisons, just a little more than one year after undergoing Tommy John surgery.  I wonder how long it will take us as humans to reduce that recovery time from TJ surgery to a few months. 

Ricky Romero's card on the right completes my 2013 Heritage Blue Jays team set.   Glad to have that out of the way before the end of the summer.

The next two cards are from a busted eBay auction.  I had purchased a 2013 Topps gold lot off of a seller, and he sent me an envelope filled with 30 of these....

Gold/Green, they both start with G right?
Yep, an envelope with 30 Emerald parallels.  Close!! 

Buehrle pitched a solid game against the Astros the other day, and is on track for another 200 inning season.  Mark has really pitched better lately, and I'm hoping that he doesn't force the Jays into trading him (as other pitchers have done in the past....).  Jose became the 4th player in Jays history this year to hit 25 or more HRs in 4 consecutive seasons, joining Carlos Delgado, George Bell and Joe Carter.  Jose is 6th in HRs all time for the Jays, but it likely will be next season before he catches Jesse Barfield, who is 11 ahead of him.

There's still a lot of the red/green/blue/other various color parallels to pick up.  No hurry though, it's been fun hunting for them so far...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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