Saturday, August 31, 2013

A good way to start the weekend.

Outside of playing chauffeur for three women (which really isn't that bad), I'm having a pretty good start to the long weekend.  With two of my wife's friends in town, I have carte blanche to do whatever I feel like until Monday afternoon.

I decided to keep on going with the great cleanup of the cards on my computer desk, part of which is a nearly one foot high stack of Blue Jay cards that need to be cataloged.  I was able to get through about 100 of them last night, and I figured what a better way to get in a post than to count down the ones I went through, 5-4-3-2-1 style.

Let's start with 5 Roberto Alomar cards...

No, they're not crooked because I've been drinking
Later this year I'm planning to go through my Blue Jays cards and do some kind of countdown.  You can be sure that a couple of these will be in that list.  The '93 Upper Deck in the top row center might be one of the best base cards I own, what a great picture!

A set that I couldn't afford back when it came out, the '92 Topps Stadium Club, is one of the best sets in my opinion of the 90's.  Here's 4 of the Blue Jays from that set...

Pat Tabler might be the only member of the '92 World Series team that I haven't featured on the blog at all.  Tabler was a first round draft pick of the Yankees, and was once traded for a pair of decent pitchers (Bill Caudill and Jay Howell).  Tabler was known as a clutch hitter, and was a career .489 hitter with the bases loaded.

Remember the cards in a can, Pinnacle Inside?  Not the greatest idea ever to come to the hobby, but at least somebody was trying.   Here's three Blue Jays from that set for you...

Boy, I remember the Jose Cruz Jr. hype.  He was going to be the next big thing in Toronto.  Jose was a 30-30 man in 2001, and left the club that year via free agency.  Jose never approached 30 in either category again.  Shawn Green also had a 30-30 season in Toronto in 1998.  The next year, he was a 40-40 man.  the following year, he was a Dodger.  The Jays had to decide which of Green or Delgado they could sign, because both of the sluggers were going to demand big contracts.  Delgado wound up remaining a Jay until 2004, and still holds the club record for most homers in Toronto with 336.

What would a post be without a couple of parallels?  How about a couple of 1994 Score Gold Rush cards

Jack Morris just a little under 68% of the vote in last year's HOF balloting.  254 wins, 3 times a 20 game winner, and an incredible 11 seasons with 10 or more complete games are a lot of numbers that in my opinion should have helped get him in the HOF.  The 3 World Series titles shouldn't hurt either.

Last but not least, one of Bowman's Best.

I like the card, that's the only reason Green is being shown twice.

Hey, only a few more hundred Jays to go through!  Ahh, the joys of collecting. 

Thanks for reading, Robert

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