Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2013 Topps series 2: My top 5

I kind of enjoy running these little countdowns when I complete a set.  I'm so consumed most of the time with getting the cards in order that I don't take the time to appreciate them.  Topps did a good job with the photography again this time around, and so without further adieu, I present my top 5 cards from series 2.

#5:  Card # 517 Pedro Alvarez

I showed this card off when I first received it a few weeks back.  I love the photo, the timing of the point of contact with the baseball is perfect.    I don't think that this card would have worked as well had the photo been placed vertically instead of horizontally. 

#4:  Card # 630 Andy Dirks

Continuing along with my love of outfielder catches/leaps, this card of Andy Dirks is great.  Tell me something, padding or no padding, that impact with the wall had to hurt.  Hell, if it were me, I probably would have busted a couple of ribs.   Who am I kidding, my ass would never have gotten up that high. 

#3:  Card # 487 Hanley Ramirez

There may be a lot of you that scoff at this choice, but I really do like the bat flip on this card.  I've heard a lot of broadcasters go on about how bat flipping is disrespectful, but how is that any different than a pitcher walking off the mound after a strikeout giving the fist pump and yelling.  If the bat flip is not at an opposing team's player, or their dugout, I have no problem with it.  If you do it, be prepared to be thrown at, because not all pitchers have a flair for the dramatic.

#2:  Card # 541 Jon Lester

Have you ever had a card just jump out at you?  That's what this card did for me.  The eyes, the glove over the rest of Lester's face hiding any emotion.  The dark red of the jersey.  A lot of you may disagree with my choice here at #2, but it took a lot for me not to place this at #1.  This is a great card in my opinion.

#1:  Card # 540  Michael Bourn

The only thing that's missing from this card is the location of the ball.  How high up do you think Bourn is, 2.5 feet maybe?  The concentration he has on the ball with Jason Heyward right beside him is incredible as well, because I know that I sure would have been quite distracted with someone that close to me.  The battling drink logos don't hurt either. 

There were a couple of cards that came close to making the Top 5, such as #412 Everth Cabrera (in his camos flying through the air), # 546 Carlos Quentin about to do a rolling block on Josh Thole and # 568 Steve Lombardozzi getting a very sticky Gatorade shower. 

I'm sure that there may be those who have some differing opinions (maybe most of you, who knows..), and I'd sure like to hear them.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Gotta agree with you on these all deserving top 5! I love the bat flip card and have no affinity for the Dodgers or Hanley. The Alvarez is definitely some of the best photography by Topps all year!

  2. topps often gets it right at pnc park. i just wish the photo were cropped slightly differently so as to get the entire '21' banner in the frame.

    also, thanks for sending me cards - i am lagging in my return mailings but will get cards out by this weekend!

  3. Like you when I got the Jon Lester card it was like I got hypnotize. And for that I would place it at #1.