Friday, July 19, 2013

The last day of year 2

I made it.   Two years doing my best to be a part of the best hobby going.

For me, today is a success.  I've made it to the end of the 2nd year of running this blog without flaming out, getting bored with writing or collecting, and not going postal on anyone (sorry, work crept in here....). 

The main reason that I keep on plugging along?

Why, it's you of course.  Without all of you out there reading my insanity, applauding my successes, correcting me when I'm being stupid, this wouldn't be worth it.

Yes, I'd probably be collecting, but it sure as hell would be the way I was doing it before.  Strictly retail packs here and there.  No card shows.  No completing sets.  No trading (shudder).  And yes, no clutter!!  (you have to take the good with the bad)

I was worried at the beginning of the year whether I would make it to this point.  I believed that if I made it to the end of year 2, then I surely would be in this for the long haul.  With the exception of a couple of periods over the past few months, I still enjoy writing, laughing, and spending my free time as part of the card collecting blogosphere.

So what have I decided to do on the last day of fiscal year 2 at $30 a week habit?

I'm just going to post random shit.  Because I can.  Maybe you'll see something you want.

Maybe you'll moan and groan over a poorly used pun.  Maybe you'll wonder why you're reading this drivel.

There might be a card like a black bordered Vladimir Guerrero from 2010 that might be a card that you really want...

Serial Numbered 27/59, but not part of the SNI

It's Friday, July 19th, 2013.   I hope you enjoy it. 

This blog now has 2 years in the books, and I know I'm enjoying today for sure!

Thank you all for reading, Robert


  1. From one blogger who posts drivel to another, congrats on 2 whole frickin years!

  2. Well done, sir. Let us never run short of drivel, nonsense, fodder, and cardboard.

  3. First of all, congrats on 2 years! Second of all, I want. I want very much.

    Thirdly and most important, thanks for being so supportive of me! Keep up the great work Robert.

  4. Congrats on two years, Robert! We both broke into the blogosphere around the same time and came from the same trading forum roots, so it's great to see you still going strong around here.

  5. Happy Two Years In The Books!

    Now correct the spelling of Masterpieces in your tabs. It's driving me nuts.

  6. Happy Birthday to your blog!
    I've enjoyed your blog lots over the past two years, and I'm looking forward to much more drivel!

  7. Playing catch up on blog posts. A belated congrats on 2 years, Robert!