Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Serial insanity cards 871-875

I've set a small goal for the insanity set, in that I hope to show the 900th card of the set by the end of July.

I've been on a eBay kick over the past few days.  I'll be showing off quite a few gold cards that I've purchased at my "preset" price of 50 cents per card (or less if I'm lucky). 

In the meantime, please enjoy the next 5 cards towards the 1500 card set.

Card # 871:  Kevin Cameron

Serial Number:  966
Team:  San Diego Padres, card # 33 out of 50

I would be quite interested to find out what happened to Cameron after the 2009 season.  Kevin pitched for three years between 2007-2009, the numbers weren't too shabby, but then he just fell off the map after the 2009 season.   Anyone?

Card 872:  Chan Ho Park

Serial Number: 907
Team:  New York Mets, card # 29 out of 50

I remember Park finishing up the 2010 season with the Pirates, he actually pitched quite well for them in August and September.  Looking at his Mets stats, it's kind of interesting that he got a card in a Mets uni.  Park pitched a grand total of 1 game for NY, and didn't fare too well, giving up 7 ER in 4 IP.

Card # 873:  Juan Salas

Serial Number:  554
Team:  Tampa Bay Rays, card # 32 out of 50.

I had heard of Fernando Salas, and even Mark Salas, but Juan Salas wasn't on my radar (there's a palindrome joke there somewhere...).  The 2007 season it turns out was his most successful as a MLB pitcher, 34 games with a 3.72 ERA.  Another player that kind of fell off the map...

Card # 874:  Mike Scioscia

Serial Number:  521
Team: LA Angels, card # 41 out of 50

I'm a little bit surprised that the Angels end up being the first team to 41 cards.  Hard to believe that his next game as manager of the halos will be number 2200.  I guess you can't argue with his success (or maybe you can, I won't tell you what to do), but only 3 of his 13 complete seasons saw the Angels with a below .500 record. 

Card # 875:  Travis Snider

Serial Number:  492
Team:  Toronto Blue Jays, card # 39 out of 50

I had high hopes for him when he was traded to Pittsburgh, but the same problem is plaguing him in the black and gold...inconsistency.  Travis hit .300 in April for the Pirates, but has since seen his average drop to .226, and now he's lost his starting job in right field to Jose Tabata.  The upside is he's still only 25 years old, which means that there's a lot of time for him to find his game.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I've got about 10 more for you...hope you didn't buy them already!!!