Friday, July 19, 2013

Forgotten, but still around.

I stated many times on the blog over the past year my love of the 2008 UD Masterpieces set.  I remember the joy I felt the day I finished it.

I remember how much I loved the captured on canvas jersey cards.  I loved them so much that I started to collect them.

Then all of a sudden, I stopped.  Other ideas and sets came along that kind of pushed this project to the side.  But you may or may not have noticed, the tab at the top of the page did not disappear.  I still have either 64 or 65 more of these to go, depending on whether the Yunel Escobar card actually exists.

I was actually reminded about this set 10 days ago because of a couple of emails that were sent to me by Tom Slowey (thank you for those again Tom) with some interesting tidbits about the set.  Tom is the one who informed me that the Escobar was replaced by Manny Ramirez (interesting).  I looked through a few of the cards that I do own, and I pulled the Freddy Sanchez out for scanning.

I remember the last day of the 2006 season, the excitement that Pirates broadcaster Greg Brown had over Freddy capturing the batting title.  Freddy did have quite the season that year, driving in 85 runs, hitting .344 and also leading the NL in doubles with 53. 

Injuries took their toll on Freddy, and he's been out of the game since 2011.   He owns a career average of .297 and has 3 all star games to his credit.

If I ever get my ass organized again, this is one set that I will have to try and tackle with a little more gusto.

Promises, promises....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. I own exactly one completed "relic" set in my collection and it's the 2008 Captured on Canvas set... except I have the football version. I had a blast putting that together.

    Hopefully Freddy will one day make it back onto a MLB roster.