Monday, July 29, 2013

Blue and White Monday: Duff sent me some stuff

It's been a while since I did a Blue and White Monday post.  What made my life easier today was an envelope of cards from Duff at the Bleeding Brown and Gold blog.   Duff has been at it for about 4 months now, and is part of a growing legion of Padres bloggers (who knew?). 

Anyhow, Duff sent me a quick email asking for my address so he could send some cardboard goodness my way, and this post is going to show you the spoils.  Speaking of something I haven't done in a while as well, let's count down the cards 5-4-3-2-1 style.

Let's start with 5 different colored/sparkly parallels.

I wonder if the Johnny Mac is part of GCRL's double play collection.  I just found out that Kyle Drabek has been back pitching for a month after his 2nd Tommy John surgery.  The way the pitching staff is going for the Jays right now, Drabek might be a big boost.

Next up 4 serial numbered parallels (how did he know?)

Those black framed Diamond Kings cards are pure evil.  Beautiful looking cards indeed.  Scutaro had 300 hits in 2 seasons in Toronto.  Never understood why they let him walk.

Up next, how about 3 2003 Topps Chrome cards.

The blue borders from the 2003 set really work well with the Blue Jays unis.  I'd forgotten that Bordick finished his career with the Jays in 2003, hitting .274 with 54 RBI's. 

We'll go a little off track in the 2 spot, with a couple of 2013 Heritage cards from my want list.

Read a rumor about a Joe Nathan for Andre Ethier trade today on Yahoo! sports.  Not sure if I want to do that if I'm the Dodgers, what with their outfield resembling a hospital ward with Kemp and Crawford. 

Finally, I'll finish the list off with 1 Hall of Famer, Dave Winfield.

Stadium Club cards were always great, and this card is no different.

I have to get my mind off of beer now every time I deal with Duff....

Just think of how many of these Homer has drank over 2 decades.....

Duff, thank you for the cards, they are much appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Glad to find a good home for these cards. I also have some hockey cards I'll be sending your way, as well.