Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I decided to use my day off yesterday running some errands, and getting some things done around the house.  It's funny, but every time I started to sit down at the computer to write something for the blog, I started feeling guilty and wound up thinking of something I could do.

Damn, that's not good.  

Part of the errands that I ran yesterday involved aisle 21 at the local Wal Mart.  4 rack packs of series 2 to augment what I had purchased the previous week.  The cost?

You guessed it, $21.12.  When I saw that on the register, I immediately thought of the classic Rush album of the same name (number?).  I figured that was somewhat of an omen, and therefore I decided I should show off some of the cards I was able to pick up.

Let's start with some great catches, or potential great catches...

I kind of like the Chase it Down inserts, the Reddick in the upper left is a helluva shot.  The emerald Nolan Reimold is a pretty good shot as well.  It's up for grabs, as are the other 3 if you need them.

No, this isn't the same Rizzo that you'll find in the movie Grease...

Anthony's first  full season as the Cubs first baseman is turning out well so far, 3rd in the NL in doubles, 5th in extra base hits as I write this, plus great numbers defensively at first are making it look like Rizzo will be a fixture in the North Side for quite a long time.

I've also snagged quite a few of the '72 minis so far as well. 

Some great names from the past and present are here.   I was glad to get the Josh Johnson for the Jays collection. Is anyone collecting the set of these, if so, I'd really enjoy seeing scans of them when the set is complete.

The cut to the chase inserts are still pretty cool as far as I'm concerned.

My luck getting retired veterans on the insert cards continues. 

I'm sure my July 4th morning is going to be spent going through the stack of Series 2 cards I've obtained over the past 3 weeks, getting them sorted out and seeing what kind of a want list I'll have. 

 I just may do that while listening to Rush.  I guess it would only be appropriate. 

 I've included a You Tube video of the album for your listening pleasure, just in case.

 Thanks for reading, Robert


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  1. Any chance you could put that WBC Rizzo aside for me if you're not planning on keeping it, Robert? I can use it for my "Team Italia" collection.