Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sakic Sunday: He's in command

Denver loves their sports heroes, even after they've retired.  John Elway's return to the Broncos back in early 2011 was Denver's first example (at least that I can remember) of a team trying to rebuild while being led by a sports legend.

On May 10th, the Avalanche took a similar step, hiring long time Avalanche superstar Joe Sakic as the Executive Vice President in charge of hockey operations.  Within 3 weeks, another Avs superstar was hired on as the head coach.   Patrick Roy will join Sakic as part of the duo that is empowered to return the Avalanche to their glory days that occurred between 1995-2002.

The Avs current roster has only a handful of players above the age of 30, one of which is Milan Hejduk who likely will be retiring this summer.  On the flip side of that, there are 13 players age 25 or younger on the squad, including captain Gabriel Landeskog.   To add to the pool of youth, Colorado has the first pick in the draft at the end of the month, and unless they do something crazy like trading the pick (which Roy and Sakic have muddled over), they should be happy with adding potential franchise defenseman Seth Jones. 

So, the quest for the cup has started again in the Rockies, and what better place than here to show off a Joe Sakic 02-03 Pacific Quest for the Cup insert:

I hope Avs fans have some patience, because unlike the rapid rise of the Denver Broncos over the past few seasons to become among football's elite teams, the Avalanche will require some time and nurturing in order to become the force they once were. 

On a side note, I have finally posted the cards I have for the Joe Sakic PC on a page at the top of the blog.  Well, at least it's most of them.   263 cards strong so far, with about 2 dozen or so that I will need to get around to listing.  A huge portion of the cards I have so far are pre 2000, which means that there are a lot of newer, more shiny cards to pick up. 

Maybe if I'm lucky, they'll make the first vice-president card as part of a set this year.

OK, maybe not.  But it's good to have a dream.   I'm sure that they have one in Colorado right now.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Now, they just need to hire Forsberg and the reunion will be complete.