Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Superstitions.  It's playoff time, and many hockey players that are in the playoffs have a superstition or 3.

The playoff beard.  A certain suit or tie on game days.  Their favorite meal at an exact time.  It varies from player to player, depending on what they feel works for them.

When you're dealing with fans, superstitions can be raised (or lowered) to a whole new level.  Wearing the same article of clothing (which in some cases....whew!!), sitting in the same place while watching the game.

Or, in my case, not being allowed to watch the game at all.  While watching the Penguins for the first two series, I would routinely switch back and forth during lulls in the game to a baseball telecast.  The majority of the time, what would happen is the Penguins would score, sometimes 2 or 3 times before I would turn on the game again.

This pattern was noticed by my friends and co-workers that are Penguin fans, so now I've been banished.

So now these two guys have no excuse in Boston when my TV is tuned into another channel tomorrow night.

It's not Siberia, but this is as close to banishment as I think I'll get.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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