Friday, June 28, 2013

A start for the series 2 Blue Jay collection

Just a brief post to give folks a little bit to read on their lunch hours today.  I received a great envelope from Marcus over at the all the way to the backstop blog, filled with cards that hit multiple want lists.  That seems to be the norm for incoming envelopes from the blogosphere, and it is greatly appreciated on this end!!

I'll spare you from all the series 1 and Heritage cards he sent to me (those lists are quickly disappearing by the way...), and "treat" you to the Blue Jays that he sent my way. 

I know that we're only half a season in to the 2013 campaign, but for me, the phrase "patiently waiting" would express how I feel about Mark Buehrle.  I really did have high hopes for him being a solid top of the rotation pitcher for the Jays this year, and yes there's still time to accomplish that yet.  What I will say that he's still been his old reliable self as far as taking the ball every 5th day, his 16 starts is 2nd on the club behind R.A. Dickey. 

I'm also wondering about the choice of John Gibbons to put Bautista into the number 2 spot in the lineup.  I just don't think that a 40 HR hitter belongs there.  I would have him back in the clean up spot, put Cabrera 2nd and move Lind (or any of the DHs) down to 5th.  Bautista's next homer will be the 200th of his career, in case you were wondering.

The blue Wal-mart parallels always work well with the Jays cards, and this Anthony Gose card is no different..

I'm off on Monday, I'll have to get a Blue Jays want list up for Series 2 then.

I'll add one more card to the post, it'll serve to quench my moaning from earlier in the week that I hadn't seen any vintage come my way.   Here's a hit to my 1970 Topps want list that Marcus sent my way...

Hard to believe that I would get a Padres card from a Padres collector, but there's Pat Dobson looking sharp on card #421 from the '70 Topps set.

Marcus, thank you for the great package, the cards were very much appreciated!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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