Sunday, May 12, 2013

Serial insanity set cards 824 through 826

Three more cards courtesy of Jeff at the 2x3 heroes blog, featuring all AL West players this time:

Card 824:  Jemile Weeks

Serial Number: 1005
Team:  Oakland A's, card #39 out of 50.

Did not make the club out of spring training this year, but seems to be getting some regular playing time in Sacramento.  I'm sure that he'll be back before the end of the 2013 season...

Card 825:  Kole Calhoun

Serial Number:  867
Team:  Los Angeles Angels, card #38 out of 50

Not sure what the status of Mr. Calhoun is right major league stats for this year, and only 1 for 3 in the minors.

Card 826:  Tyler Chatwood

Serial Number:  1031
Team:  Los Angeles Angels, card # 39 out of 50

For now, Chatwood's card makes the Angels and the A's tied for the 2 teams with the most cards towards the set, at 39.  Tyler is a member of the Rockies organization now, which just became a little more crowded with the signing of Roy Oswalt.

In case you were really wondering, Jeff at 2x3 has contributed 25 cards towards the set so far...thanks Jeff!!

Thanks for reading, Robert

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