Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sakic Sunday: Additions from the card show

I spent a lot of time at one particular table at the card show on the weekend.  The dealer had several boxes of cards that were priced starting at 50 cents each, and the more that you bought, the less the cost per card.  I'm sure you've seen those types of tables at shows.

Thankfully, this one particular dealer had one monster box filled with nothing but hockey.  Hockey cards at the monthly show are few and far between if you're looking for something that doesn't have a Penguin logo on it.

I did snag a few Leafs, including the Wendel Clark RC, out of that box, but you're here (hopefully) to see the Sakic cards. 

5 cards from 4 different Upper Deck brands, and all inserts.  The biography of a season insert on the upper right of the scan reminds me of the Biography set that UD release right around the same time for baseball.  A little research revealed for me that these BOS cards were available only as a wrapper redemption, which is probably why I've never seen this particular card in a display case before. 

The more collector friendly UD releases are also featured here, as I scored both a MVP and Victory insert each.  I've always liked both of those products, and their inserts usually have some pretty good designs.

The work on the Sakic PC page continues, I've managed to finish typing another 11 pages worth of cards.  There's still quite a bit to do, and what's not helping me is that I have the cards in pages not totally in order by year.  I have another 12 pages worth of cards to research, along with all the cards that I've not moved into pages as of yet. 

thanks for reading, Robert

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