Sunday, May 5, 2013


Everyone out there knows that if it is Blue and White and Toronto based, chances are I cheer for it.

Jays (10-21 and already dead in the East...yea I said that), and Leafs (even with the Bruins 1-1!!) have been a staple in any house that I've lived in since I was 7. 

It's funny, however, that I sometimes go to card shows, pick up cards that I like, and don't realize what I've bought until I get home.

Take this Wendel Clark card for example:

86-87 Topps #149.  I have owned so little of this set over the years that I forget simple things, such as this is Wendel's rookie card!  I picked up this card for the paltry sum of 50 cents. 

I'm so dense that I didn't even realize this simple fact until this morning, almost 24 hours after I bought the card.   I simply bought it yesterday because it was a great looking Leaf card that was priced at 50 cents.

I guess I should take a good look at the rest of the cards I picked up yesterday....

thanks for reading, Robert

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