Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sakic Sunday: Slowly getting my mojo back

It's been about two months for me, but I have the itch again.   The itch to write.   It feels good to have the drive to sit at the keyboard, and get involved in the blog world again.

A big part of that drive is getting my own shit in order.  That's right, you read it correctly.  My shit was out of place...

Part of it was starting to get cleaned up around what we call "the computer room" at my house.  It's still not 100% where I'd like it to be, but it's a helluva lot better than what it was. 

Another part of what's turned me around was starting to get myself back in tune with how I collected in the past.  Putting sets together is the main focus, yes, but also getting back to focusing on my player collection of Joe Sakic.

I started typing the list of Sakic cards I have on a spreadsheet months ago, and got 45 cards deep when the typing stopped.  When I say months, I mean last hockey season months, meaning almost a year went by before I bothered to get that part of my collection organized again.

The procrastination is another thing that I'm striving to get away from, and listing the 200+ Sakic's that I own will definitely be a big part of that.  Another reason I need to do this is to prevent buying cards that I already own during eBay spending sprees. 

Cards such as these three serial #'d favorites of mine:

2003-04 SP Authentic 10th anniversary #SP6.  SP Authentic is likely the one set that I regret not collecting more of over the years, and this card is a good reason why.  The design has always been clean and easy on the eyes, and the short printed rookies are always a great find if you can land one.

The next 2 cards are a little more limited, both have print runs less than 100...

The 2007-08 SP authentic SP notables card on the left is numbered 55/100 was part of a series of Sakic pickups from the Fall Expo last year in Toronto, as was the 2002-03 Atomic Die Cut on the right. 

The serial numbered versions of Sakic cards are one part of my PC that I would like to beef up a bit, looking through the collection I notice that there aren't a whole of these in there.

You may or may not have noticed that there's a tab on the top of the blog now for the Jim Thome PC.  That one was quite easy, only 28 cards total was an easy exercise in typing.  The Sakic PC tab I hope to have up by the end of Tuesday night, it will be a little more difficult what with almost 10x the 28 Thome cards I have to type up.  

It will be done sooner rather than later....

Thanks for reading, Robert

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