Saturday, April 20, 2013

I was too quick on the draw

Last week, for those who actually read the blog and not just look at the pictures (harsh, yes I know), you saw that I was able to pick up a pretty nice Mark Fidrych 1977 Topps RC for a decent price.

Well, I was too quick on the draw, because unbeknownst to me, DBN sent me another one this very week!

Not a dime box find, I'm sure!!
I went from having no Fidrych RCs to having two in less than a week.  Great stuff.

In case you were wondering, DBN is what I'm going to call Nick from the Dime Boxes blog from now on.  We are a society of acronyms, and DBN is a heckuva lot easier to type than Dime Box Nick. 

So it shall be it shall be done...

Mind you, that wasn't the only card in the package.  There were several Blue Jays in there, 3 of which got me closer to completing my Blue Jays team set from 2013 Heritage (that is a project that I will be looking into this weekend for sure).  But there were 2 cards that really hit home for me.

Now the 1992 Donruss Triple Play card on the left is a duplicate for me, but still it's a beautiful card.  The card on the right, a 1992 UD checklist featuring Dave Stieb, is a new one for my collection.  I have always enjoyed the checklist cards that UD produced during the early 90's, and the card that shows the fire in Stieb's eyes is no exception. 

What made the 2 cards extra special is what they feature in them, the Skydome in Toronto with the CN Tower in the background. 


The 2 World Series Championships in the early 90's.  The dome selling out regularly for the first few years and parading over 4 million fans in there a couple of times (that I know of anyhow). Now I feel like I have to get up to T.O. for a game this year...

Nick, as always, thank you very much!  The package was great.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Glad you liked everything!

    I rather like the "DBN" acronym. Now, if I send an envelope to someone, I could call it a PWE from DBN.