Friday, April 26, 2013

I had titles aplenty

It's funny how the mind works sometimes.  I try to come up with catchy or creative titles for my blog posts, something that may catch the eye or make people think for a moment. 

Today, I received a simple PWE from Zach over at the Underdog Card Collector blog with a handful of Blue Jays goodness.  Five cards that I enjoyed looking at, and for some strange reason the contents had my mind stirring with post titles immediately.

First, there was the jersey card that made me think of the title "I drive a VW bus", but then everyone might have thought that I'm a hippie stoner trapped in the 60's...

I believe that this is the first Leaf jersey card that I own of a Blue Jay player, and the scan doesn't do the shininess of the card justice.   Love it.

The 2nd title I came up with is regarding the 3 Heritage cards that he sent, including a R.A. Dickey SP.  If you saw the post earlier this week, I showed off another R.A. SP card, so I was going to title this post
 "2 Dickey's are better than one", but then people might think I'm a pervert, or worse yet I may swing for the other side (trust me, I don't).

Finally, the fifth card was a great surprise, it's a Blue Jay that I already own the emerald green parallel of.  I'll let you look at the card first..

I believe that this is the slate (help me out here) parallel that you receive when you send wrappers in to Topps??  I immediately thought of the title "a different colored Colby", but I thought better of it because people may perceive me as racially insensitive, which of course is not the case. 

Now, I also had a title that referenced an acronym for Zach's blog.  I could have called the post "I'm down with the UCC (not the OPP)", but then I looked up the lyrics for the song "O.P.P." and thought I better not go down that road as well.

So you can see, I had titles aplenty for this post, but being sure to be careful and not offend anyone, I just made up a generic, bland, non-eye catching title. 

Zach, thank you for the PWE, it was greatly appreciated!!  Or you could say I was down with it....

thanks for reading, Robert

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  1. Haha! Yes, Robert, I'm chuckling, alright. Nice one.

    I tried to get that SP out to you as soon as possible, though I see you posted one the day after I sent those to you. Hopefully the surplus allows for Team and PC binder placement!