Saturday, March 2, 2013

The 1K/2K club: Wade Redden

I've been wanting to start this series of posts for about 6 months now.  Sometimes I find it difficult to take an idea and formulate how I want to write about the player/card that I want to feature.  I finally just decided to wing it, and when I get a card I like that depicts that player, write the post.  Simple as that.

What inspired this?  I've long enjoyed how NHL teams celebrate the accomplishment of playing 1000 games in the league.  I saw the Hal Gill ceremony last season and was very impressed at how the Canadiens celebrated his milestone.

So I figured, I could do the same thing with cards.  But, I didn't want to limit it to just hockey.  I collect baseball cards after all.  So a little rough math was done, and since baseball players seasons are roughly twice as long as hockey players (162 games vs 82), I figured that anyone who played 2000 games in MLB should be worthy of being "honored".

Without further adieu, here's my first player in the series.  Wade Redden, currently playing for the St. Louis Blues.

2000-01 UD Exclusives parallel #'d 7/100

What's good about Redden's story?  The fact that Wade was banished to the minors for the past 2 years because the New York Rangers needed to "bury" his contract, it looked as if he may never get another shot at playing in the NHL. 

Thankfully, the most recent CBA allowed amnesty buyouts before this season started, and Redden was able to sign with the St. Louis Blues.  Redden has now played in 1004 games, and at age 35 hopefully has a few years left in him to add to that total.

There will be many more posts such as this as this series continues.  Have a player you would like featured in the 1K/2K club?  Send me an email or a comment.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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