Saturday, March 30, 2013

The 1K/2K club: Ivan Rodriguez

2006 Fleer Ultra Fine Fabrics

Why Ivan Rodriguez as the first baseball player featured in the 1K/2K club?  2427 games behind the plate.  That stat in itself is amazing.  I don't think that anybody will ever come close to catching that many games in their career, at least not in my lifetime.  None of the players ahead of him on the all time games played list (2543 games played total, tied for 45th all time with Jim Thome) was a career catcher.   

While catching all those games, Ivan was a helluva hitter, compiling some great career numbers.  .296 career average, 2844 career hits.  Won a world series with Florida in 2003.  AL MVP in 1999. 

14 time all star.  13 time gold glove winner.  8 times he threw out more than 50% of runners trying to steal for a season.  In 2001 he threw out more than 60%

First ballot hall of famer?  I think of Johnny Bench when I think of great catchers, and he was voted in first ballot with 96.4% of the vote.  My opinion is that "Pudge" should at least get that amount of the vote, if not more. 

Love the intense look of Ivan on the 2006 Fleer Ultra Fine Fabrics card above.  This card was picked up at a show for a paltry $2.  A nice addition for the club.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Wow... very interesting card design. It looks like the box with the jersey piece really pops out. By the way... love me some Pudge.

  2. I love Pudge. I saw him play many times in person and he was amazing. As far as the Hall, I'm afaid his association with the Texas PED days (Palmeiro, Canseco) may affect him.