Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Some long overdue additions to the Jim Thome PC

I remember months ago, shouting out on the blog that Jim Thome was someone that I really respected and admired. I also mentioned that I wanted to start a collection of his cards. 

Well, that got put by the wayside, for quite a while it seems.  When I was at the card store a couple of weeks ago, I finally managed to snag a few cards.  There was quite a few of them there, but I only grabbed a handful, largely because I had also picked up quite a few '75s, along with a couple of the 2008 Masterpiece SPs (I only need 2 more of those, help!).  I didn't know how much the others were going to cost, but I knew how much I wanted to spend!

It's only 5 cards, but I managed to pickup cards featuring 3 different teams.   First up is Cleveland:

Budweiser anyone?

The White Sox are up next:

The purple from the '09 UD Spectrum really scanned well.  The X Die Cut I already have for the set, so landing a 2nd copy was cool.

Finally, the lone card from his brief stay with the Dodgers:

This brings the Thome collection up to a grand total of 25 cards + 1 jersey card.  Not a whopping total for a guy who has spent 22 years in the bigs, but it's a start. 

thanks for reading, Robert

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