Monday, March 11, 2013

Pictures of the old barn, and other great oldies

A valuable lesson I've learned since I became a blogger is that you can't judge a card since by the number on the back.

My problem over the years as a set collector was that my primary goal was to just finish the damn set, and not take the time to appreciate the design, photography and the overall aesthetics of the card.  That has changed.

Bert from the new blog Swing and a Pop Up (which kind of sums up my little league days) was very kind to send me a great package of Blue Jays.   Many of them coming from early 80's sets, which for me are like gold.  Nothing wrong with vintage Blue birds to show off.

A trio of cards that Bert sent showed off one of the most horrific, yet most endearing ballparks in history, Exhibition Stadium.   The "mistake by the lake" was built on the Exhibition grounds on Toronto's lakeshore, and was home to the Jays from 1977-1989. 

Up until now, 1981 Fleer cards have been very scarce on my desk.  These two cards were great to receive, as both photos give you a great shot of the outfield grandstand at the old ball yard.  $2 general admission for a teenager was the perfect excuse to get out of the house on a weekend afternoon and hit the ball park.

Here's another example of a great shot of the Ex, Alfredo Griffin's 1980 Topps card, which gives you a good look at the old blue outfield fence, with one of the team logos (although it's impossible to tell which one).  That brought back memories of how the team logos were organized on the fence, in order of the position the team was currently in the standings.  The Jays were more often than not on the far right hand side of the fence, which symbolized last place.

I do miss the old stadium sometimes, except for windy days in April/October.  Ask any Jays fan who attended games back then, they'll tell you....

There were some other classics in the package, I picked out a few for your entertainment.  The first one is Rob Ducey doing his best impression of Dr. Sheldon Cooper.

Not a bad impression if you ask me.  Next up, Al Leiter, doing his best pose for a certain magazine that shall remain nameless...

Anyone ever see the animated Christmas special that shows Kris Kringle growing up, and in one portion of the show he has a thick red beard?  Roy Howell may jog your memory...

Put a Blue Jay helmet on Santa, and you might be close!!

Finally Jays fans, Garth Iorg with a mustache.....?


I don't ever remember Iorg with a mustache, and when I saw this card it kind of freaked me out a bit.  These 81 & 82 Topps cards are the Garth Iorg I remember.

I could go on and on with all the different years and sets that Bert included, but I'll take it easy on you today.

Bert, thank you very much for the cards, the vintage Blue Jay lover in me really appreciates them!!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. It's funny, I've been a baseball fan since before the Jays existed, so I remember the Exhibition Stadium days... but it still seems odd to think of the Blue Jays playing anywhere other than SkyDome.

    It's been a long time since I really looked at my 1981 Fleer set, I'll have to pay them a visit when I have time.

  2. The first Red Sox game I ever saw at Fenway Park was against the Blue Jays. Barry Bonnell was playing right field and I remember being so excited that the players that I had only seen on TV and on my baseball cards were right there in front in me. To top it off, Yastremski hit a home run in the bottom of the ninth and the Red Sox won 5 - 4. You couldn't have asked for a better first experience.
    Glad you liked the cards. As soon as I finish my massive sorting expedition, I'm sure you'll find more headed your way.

  3. ..and I just noticed I spelled Yastrzemski wrong.