Sunday, March 3, 2013

Just a passing fancy

Many of you have seen my many posts on the 70's sets that I'm working on.  '77T, almost done.  '75T, less than 60 to go now.  '73T & '76T, a little over halfway done, but still actively being pursued.

When I hit the monthly card show, I don't focus on picking up cards from other sets, just because I'd like to keep most of my money for the show earmarked on the sets that I'm closer to completing.

My problem is, I really can't help myself.  When I see great looking cards of older sets, in bargain bins no less, the impulse shopper in me takes over.   Gotta have that one.  Wow, two more for that set so cheap!!

It's a disease I tell you.  Well, I guess it could be worse, I could have the plague.

I've joked several times about the "monthly '62".  At this show, it doubled up.

As opposed to the other vintage sets I've been working, this set is just moving along at a slow and steady pace.  I have 45 cards so far, and for some reason I'm not doing an imitation of Speed Racer to try and complete this set. 

Another set that I'll enjoy completing is '68 Topps.  Not unlike the '62 set, this set is one that I like the look of, but for some reason I'm working very slowly on it.  Not sure why, but I've only managed to grab 17 cards so far.

I've always been partial to the sleeveless uniforms with the T-Shirt underneath look.  The '68 design is one that I like, but I just can't put my finger on why...

I also managed to pickup another color TV while at the show.   A bit beat up, but for 65 cents, it found a home...

The '55 Bowman set is definitely one that I could say is "just a passing fancy".  Most of the '50s sets are likely going to be out of my price range.  If I can pick up a common here or there on the cheap I will, but putting together the set is likely going to be out of the question.

Same thing with the '57 and '59 sets, I picked up a trio of cards on the cheap, but the thought of cards like Mantle, Aaron and Clemente from these years just scares the hell out of me...

I'll probably live the '59 set vicariously through the 59 Topps Blog that CommishBob writes.

All that for just 8 cards, still have a lot more to show from other sets....stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I'll take anything from '55 Bowman at that price, especially one of a Chicago Cub.

    I'd probably have to declare bankruptcy if there was a monthly card show as good as yours around here.

    Nice finds, Robert!

  2. NICE!!!!!! Great vintage pick ups, Robert.