Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My top 25 sets #14: 2007-08 OPC hockey

Set: 2007-08 OPC hockey
Number of cards in set: 600
Affordability: 9
Key RCs: Johnathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Carey Price
Is the set built?:   240/600

What I like about this set:  I like the half gold, half black front design.  The team logo in the lower right is not oversized and doesn't distract from the player photo.  What stands out for me on these cards is the back of the short printed cards.  Instead of just the gray back with stats and information, the backs are in color, and feature a photo as well.  For me, this makes the rookie cards stand out from the rest of the base set, which I believe they should.

This set is numbered in alphabetical order by team also, making it a little easier (if you don't have the checklists) to figure out what team/player is potentially missing.  Numbering by team also looks a lot better when you put the set in binder pages as well.  

What I don't like about this set:   The card stock on the back is a little too dark and makes them tough to read at times.  No bios on the back as well, similar to the 2008-09 set.

What makes this set have even more potential is that beyond the big 3 RCs (Price, Toews, Kane), there are many other players whose cards are undervalued in my opinion.  Guys such as Bobby Ryan, Milan Lucic and Nicklas Backstrom all are top talents and have long careers ahead of them, which is a good reason to acquire this set before their card values rise.

Thanks for reading, Robert

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