Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The November Project purchase #3: 88 count '73 Topps lot

This purchase ate up most of the 100 card requirement, turned out that I only needed 74 of the 88, but no worries there as this lot was cheap enough for me not to worry about the dupes.

Cards purchased (88):  1973 Topps lot with high numbers. (6 cards remaining to hit 100 total)
Cost:  $4.24 + $5 shipping = $9.24 ($27.26 total spent, $72.74 left)
How won:  auction, only 2 bids.  Seller was yankees4671.

Cards arrived very quickly, within 4 days of auction payment I had the cards in my mailbox.  This is not a great lot by any stretch of the imagination, but there are a lot of good cards in the lot.

Joe Coleman looks a little lost with the bat over his shoulder.  I especially like the "Tenace the Menace" card, which was one of 4 World Series cards in this lot.

Like I mentioned, not a great lot, but it put a dent into the want list for the set, which is now almost 1/3 complete.

I've taken a break for a few days from the Project since I'm headed up to the Expo this weekend, but rest assured there will be more purchases made towards my own $100 Heritage High Numbers set.

thanks for reading, Robert

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