Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sakic Sunday: Coast to Coast at the Expo

One of the great things about larger card shows is the variety of people that you meet.  One of the interesting experiences that I had over the weekend was on a "rest break" that I was taking in the food court.  I sat at a large table with a couple of other gentlemen, whom I discovered later were both vendors at the show.  The one fellow who looked quite disheveled asked the other guy where he was from.

"Vancouver, B.C." was the response, which turned into a 5 minute conversation about why he was there and how nice an area that Vancouver was.  Mr. disheveled turned to me next and asked where I was from.

Proudly I said, "New Castle, PA".


I could just hear it now.  #$%^ing Americans.  You could just tell from the looks that I was instantly regarded as a 2nd class citizen.  (I never did tell them that I was one of their own...originally)

Maybe it was the New York Islanders jersey I sported at the show....who knows???

I had quite a few conversations with a lot of the dealers, many of whom were quite friendly and willing to deal.  This Joe Sakic card reminded me of the diversity that I encountered at the show...

2002-03 CC9

I did well at the show as far as my Sakic collection goes...15 cards added to the PC, only one of those was a jersey card.

I did my best to stay away from the higher priced items, preferring to put dents into a couple of sets that I had targeted.  I was also able to pick up a couple of cards for some fellow bloggers who have specific players that they collect. 

Enjoy the posts over the next couple of days, I have one or two more interesting stores for you(well, at least they were interesting to me.)

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. WoW! You got that look? Probably the other way around would be the same. We have the same thing here in Europe so it's a national thing deep-rooted in ourselves. But I thought that the hobby would put that aside.

    I'd wish I could go to a card show like you can. It would be great knowing in person so many people that share our hobby and to see so many cards ready to come home with me. Maybe someday I'll fly over there and participate as well.

  2. Being more of a baseball guy than a hockey guy, I was somewhat of an oddball there. However, it was always fun talking baseball with other people going through the baseball dime and quarter bins.

  3. Sakic to the HOF!!!