Monday, November 26, 2012

Blue Jay Monday: 2006 Bowman Aaron Wideman

No offense to Mr. Wideman, but this card is proof that Bowman baseball is a little too much for my taste.  What's even better, when I went to the baseball reference website and typed in "Aaron Wideman", it returned 0 results.


I tried again, with just "Wideman" in the search box, and lo and behold I find A.J. Wideman, a pitcher in the Blue Jays system who retired at the beginning of 2012 at the age of 26.  At the time this card was released, A.J. had already pitched 3 full seasons in the minors, and had not progressed beyond A ball.  Wideman pitched in AA for a grand total of 2 months in 2008, spent the next three seasons in the Canadian-American Association with New Jersey before hanging them up.

The sad part of this is there was likely a decent market for this card in the Toronto area around 2006, since A.J. is actually from Mississauga, Ontario which is just west of Toronto.

For my finicky, persnickety tastes, Bowman needs to do a little more scouting before putting people on baseball cards.

Grump fest over...enjoy your week!!

thanks for reading, Robert

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