Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Odd colored Jays and the Legion of Doom

The more that I blog, the greater the enjoyment that I receive.  I am starting to make good on the promise I made to myself that I would include more hockey posts on the blog.  Yes, this blog has been probably 85-90% baseball since I started, but there is always a hockey guy inside me dying to get out. 

For me, this post covers the best of both worlds.  I decided to help a fellow blogger out a few weeks back with his Heritage want lists from the past couple of years.  I was glad to do it, because Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse sent me a return package that had lots of goodies to keep me entertained.  Mark is fully aware of the craziness I have happening in this part of the world, and he was only too happy to feed it.

Four cards he sent me were for the insanity set....I've decided to show them on the insanity blog in the coming days, so watch out for those.

In the quest for everything Blue Jay, Mark sent me a couple of odd colored Jays....purple and gold to be more specific.

Those purple refractors have always been a favorite of mine, and I need to be smart and not let them be a sickness.  The Lind is actually the first parallel I've been sent from the '12 Chrome set so far, and it's a beauty.  (aside, I've held true to not collecting the Chrome set...have only bought one rack pack!!).

The Blue Jays gold team card from '11 Topps is kind of ironic.  The only person facing the camera (fully visible anyhow) is Jose Bautista, kind of a fact of life for the Jays in 2011 as he was easily their dominant player.

Next up is a card that kind of surprised me.  The player that is featured on the card is a member of the Legion of Doom!

No....not these guys

I wonder how many people moved on after finding out that Hawk and Animal were not part of this post..

It's this guy....

Those in Canada will recognize another weakness of mine on the boards behind Renberg

Mikael Renberg of the Philadelphia Flyers.  Mikael was part of the famous "Legion of Doom" line that featured Eric Lindros at center and John LeClair on left wing.  At 6'1" and 205 lbs, Renberg was the smallest player on that line which for a 3 year period wreaked havoc on opposing NHL defenses. 

What's even better, this card gets me one closer to a long forgotten set for me...the 95-96 Collectors Choice Players Club parallel set (I told you parallels always get me into trouble).  Still a long way to go for that one, but at least I can mark #222 off of the list now. 

Great stuff Mark....thank you very much!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Pssst. You'll see the Lind purple card again real soon.

  2. Given the age of the picture, I think that would be more Road Warriors than Legion of Doom, but I will always pop for Hawk and Animal.

  3. We must be blogging Twins. Jays. Hockey. Shiny purple cards.

  4. I pretty much love purple refractors as well. Thats a great Jays team card too!