Wednesday, October 3, 2012

It's a good thing I have my glasses on, because I'm seeing double

OK, yes the title was my very poor attempt at humor.   I didn't want to steal Yogi Berra's "It's deja-vu all over again", so I tried to come up with something a little different.

So close and yet nowhere near the start.

For the 2nd straight day, I am fortunate enough to show off a trade package that I received in the mail, this time from Greg at the Night Owl blog.  Greg is also a purveyor of the new math, and sent me a package that was full of great stuff in return for the mere pittance of A&G that I sent his way....

Let's have a look, shall we?  (As always...forgive the poor humor, it's what I do.)

Naturally, what else can I say about the first two cards you see here....they're X-rated.

It didn't scan well, but the Romero is an X-fractor from this years Chrome...2 parallels in two days...
I'm also a sucker for the UD X die cuts.  The Rios is the first die cut Blue Jay I own, great stuff.

I don't believe that I had ever seen any of the Fan Favorites from 2004 before.  These were solid additions to the envelope, especially the '86 Barfield reprint.  The Stieb card is I believe the only card that features him without a mustache, a rare sight over his career for sure.

By the way, if you ask me another number that should be retired by the should be Fernandez's #1.  The guy was a class act, and each of the 4 different times he played in Toronto, he was a fan favorite.

The Blue Jays drafted Eric Arce twice, the 27th rd in 2010, and the 25th rd in 2011.  For a 5'9" player, 22 HR in 299 career AB in rookie league ball may get some notice if he keeps it up. 

20 years ago, if you asked me to buy a pack of Donruss Studio, you would have got a look from me that said "are you kidding".  After 20 years, the product has kind of grown on me.

After all these years, I finally found a picture of the man that Richard Kimble was chasing:

Alas Reed, I never really knew ya

Sadly, my beard has the same coloration as Ford's does in this photo.

 What would I also find but a couple of cards that definitely remind me of the Owl...

Insert fire joke here

Card on the left:  Damaso Garcia from the 1985 Topps set.  It's card #702 in the set, so with my rough math, it should be featured in this blog sometime in 2016.  The mini on the right is a league leaders card from the '87 set, celebrating Barfield leading the AL in homers in '86 with 40.

For the 2nd straight day as well, I was fortunate to receive a purple refractor from this years Chrome set of Adam Lind.  What's life without a little humor? 

It's a good thing I have my glasses on, because I'm seeing double

Greg also sent me some serial numbered parallels for the insanity...always welcome!!  They will be shown off on the insanity blog in the next few days.

Greg, your generosity is very much appreciated, thank you so much!!

Thank you all for reading and suffering through the humor....Robert


  1. Did they airbrush Reed Johnson's left arm out of that card? I cannot figure out where the rest of his arm is supposed to be in that picture.

  2. Too back they don't make some Viewmaster filter here at Blogger. Those purple Linds would be a hell of a lot of fun to view.

  3. I'm going to be running that blog in 2016????

    Now I'm depressed ...

  4. Tony Fernandez was one of the more anonymous super stars of the 80's.

    Playing in Canada when most people got their sports highlights from the last 5 minutes of their local 11pm news doomed a lot of great players to relative obscurity.