Thursday, October 11, 2012

Black Thursday

This term was coined by Pierre LeBrun on Twitter today.  The NHL regular season was supposed to start today, and yet here we are with nothing but dark arenas around North America.

The NHL had me last summer, they had one of the cheapest people around when it comes to buying TV programming ready to spend a bunch of money to buy their center ice package.

Guess that just means I'll have more money to buy one of these at the Sport Card Expo next month...

Lucky me!!

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. I love how the owners of the most irrelevant major pro sport in North America (and this is coming from a guy that would probably rather watch soccer than basketball) felt that another strike so soon after the last one practically killed all the interest in it would make sense. I love the Red Wings and all the winning they've done recently, but you know what? If the NHL went away completely I'd hardly notice. Hell, until you wrote this post, I didn't even realize the season should have started.

  2. I've already pledged that no money will go to any new licensed NHL thing this year. If they can't agree on how to split my money, they can't have any.