Friday, September 28, 2012

Single cards that stand out

When trading, oft times I receive a pile cards that while welcome, there is not a particular card that stands head and shoulders above the rest.  Well, that was different for a couple of recent packages that landed on my door step.

First was a great lot of cards from Nick over at Dime Boxes.  The main portion of the envelope was Blue Jays (of course), but Nick actually sent me one card that stood above all the others...

The blurry baseballs are a little disconcerting

My first card of Jim Thome from another blogger.  No doubt pulled from one of the myriad of dime boxes that Nick frequents, this card becomes the 10th base card in my Jim Thome collection. 

The other card that stood out for me this week was part of the envelope that Max from the Starting Nine blog sent over.  It was the lone hockey card in the envelope, and seeing this instantly got my mind turning.

This guy is the reason I got turned off of one particular sports blog.  The incessant ripping of this guy was beyond anything that should happen to anyone.  Yes, the guy had a rough go of it while he was in Toronto.  (tell me who hasn't over the past 7 seasons).  But to listen to people bash the guy over and over, even long after he had been traded was a little much. 

Seeing this card reminded me that anyone can sit behind a keyboard and a computer monitor and be negative.  I've done it myself on more than 1 occasion, and even sometimes end up regretting the post later on, because of the negativity.

Hopefully the sight of this one card will remind me in the future of one of the reasons I write as often as I do.

I enjoy collecting cards, and I enjoy writing about them.  The world is full of negatives, why should our hobby be one of them.

Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Glad you liked the cards! I had a feeling you'd enjoy the Thome, I actually almost kept it for myself, but I figured it would be better in your hands.

    And, yes, the Thome was in fact a dime box find.

  2. Jim Thome: Masin' Taters.

    The Kessell is nice. He carried the Leafs, but very few take the time to look up how little everyone else did around him.

    Like, you know, ANY DEFENSIVE PLAYER.

  3. What brand is that Kessell? ;P

    I'm not too familiar with hockey cards but that branding really draws the eye...and not in a good way. Reminds me of my rule of thumb when picking out movies or books. If the actor's/author's name is bigger than the title on the cover art, its probably a dud.

  4. And by Kessell I meant Lebda. Had Kessell on the brain because of previous comment.