Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sakic Sunday: Tied to Michal Pivonka

If there's one thing that blogging has taught me, it's to look closer at the cards I own.  I've read other blogs while they play detective and even deduce the actual date that a photo was taken for a particular card.

Well, I'm not that skilled.  But I did run across a couple of Sakic cards from a pair of '93-'94 releases that share one thing in common.

Both the Stadium Club and the Topps Premier cards from that season feature photos of Joe Sakic battling against Michal Pivonka of the Washington Capitals.  Usually we as collectors see the same photo of a player used over multiple sets, and in some cases multiple years of releases feature the same photo.

That's what made me grab these two cards.  Two cards, featuring Joe Sakic playing against the same player from another team in 2 different photos.  I'm sure there are probably other instances of this out there, but I cannot recall them at this point. 

I've had these cards for almost 20 years, and yet I didn't realize this similarity until I started hunting for cards for this post last night. 

Funny how that is...

Thanks for reading, Robert

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