Friday, September 21, 2012


As I said the other day, when I write a post that is inspired by another blog, I try to give credit where it is due.  In this case, credit goes to the Night Owl who wrote earlier today about the faith that he has lost in the trading card companies vis a vis relic cards.  I can definitely say that I can sympathize with him.  I imagine that there are a lot of people that have lost faith in relic cards after what has materialized.

Dare I ask what these Ricky Romero cards are actually cut from?

I do like the design of the Archives card on the left which mimics the '56 Topps release.

Do we actually treat these cards as worthless now?  For a lot of collectors, that may be tough to do, because it goes against the fabric of what collecting has become over the past decade (sorry for the bad pun).

Imagine how card stores/internet dealers may feel because they may have great amounts of money tied up in collections that may all of a sudden be thought of as worthless.

Imagine the game used jerseys featuring players such as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and others that were probably bought and sold for hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, all of a sudden losing a great deal of their worth because of the events that have come to light.  (Of course this is an assumption I'm making...but I believe these cards will dip in value).

I agree as well with Rob at Voice of the Collector, I believe that the card companies could, and should come out with some kind of statement regarding this whole matter.

My question is, what in the world are they going to say that's going to change anything?  Is it even possible to put a positive spin on this?  I can't see it happening.

It appears as if the collecting world has been misled, and I'm sure that this is not going to go away anytime soon.

It's also funny how things work out sometimes.  As I was reading the Night Owl's post this morning, this song was playing on my iTunes, kind of ironic.  You may remember Kool and the Gang for songs such as Celebration and Cherish, but this tune has a different sound for them.   Hope you enjoy it.

thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Love the song selection... haven't heard that song in years.

    As for the post... well said. I can't imagine at this point there's anything the card companies could say that would ease everyone's minds.

    On the bright side... can it get any worse? Wait... on second thought... don't answer that.

  2. I think relics are dead or dying. I really do. There may be loads of unknowing collectors out there, but word will trickle out eventually. And I don't know what companies can do to reassure them.

    I am well aware of "Misled." I was so sick of "Celebration" back in the day, anything Kool and the Gang released that was not Celebration was a relief. Thanks for the flashback.

  3. I will treat relics as how i treat manufactured patches...just a cooler type of basecard. As I said on my blog last week that only the card company has to win us back by making us believe again!

  4. I've always thought of them as just a cool design element to use from time to time. I can see the issue some would have finding out their Babe Ruth or Lou Gehrig relic was fake, but I'm not anywhere near that part of the hobby so it doesn't really affect me personally. I agree with Joe that they're kind of like manu-patches these days and I'm fine with that. Even if they materials used came from batboy jerseys, I'd still take that over something as arbitrary as a different colored border and a serial number stamp.