Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Migrating to the dark side...NOT!

As of this writing, we are down to 89 days until Christmas.  For those of you who do celebrate, don't say I didn't remind you come December 24th.

I decided to get a head start on my spending this year, and picked up a couple of sweet cards on eBay.  I will not say who they are for just yet, just in case that person is actually reading this blog.

That person happens to like the Pittsburgh Penguins, so I decided to bid on a couple of auctions for them.

The first card cost me $15...a buy it now for a pretty nice autograph...the scan isn't that great, but IMO I believe I got a pretty good deal.

I don't know what got into me, but I saw this next card and I knew that my intended giftee had to have this card. (Yes, I did buy these before the revelation about the relic can't go back in time unfortunately)

Wonder if we'll see any of these guys play hockey this year?
If I wasn't giving it as a gift, I'd almost be tempted to add it to my own collection.  What was cool is that the seller who I bought this card from added the next card to the!

A nice 'graph from one of the Sutter complaints here!

As much as I'd like to start cheering for the Penguins, there are two reasons that I just can't bring myself to do it.

First, they gave up the blue and white for black and gold....
Second, the guys who call their games on TV...can't stand them....worst pair of announcers in my opinion. 

You will never see me migrate to the dark side that is Penguin hockey....


Thanks for reading, Robert


  1. Nice pickups! I really like those Sweet Shot autos and I've tried to pick up a couple of my favorite players too.

    Too bad hockey's headed for another extended dark age of irrelevance!

    Still, screw the Penguins and their whiny brat of a "star" Sidney Crosby.

  2. there's that auto you mentioned! that's a cool seller, for sure. and somebody around the blogosphere is going to be pretty happy about these sweet pickups!

  3. How can someone from New Castle not be a Penguin fan? That's insane.

    But I digress. Those cards make me cry. I never win those auctions and I'm pretty sure you outbid me on that three swatch Premier card.

    1. DFG, I'm actually not originally from New Castle....

      As far as the Premier card goes, I think I bid on it the 2nd day of the auction (can't remember for sure), and was surprised I didn't get outbid...