Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's now official, I am crazy

It only took about 58 weeks, but I've finally been identified as crazy.  It's true, you can look for yourself over here on the Fantastic Catch blog.  Weston identifies his desire to collect all the RCs from 2010 for basketball, baseball, football and soccer (WHAT, no hockey?  oh wait, maybe that's a subtle metaphor for the fact there will be no hockey in a few days..).  Here's a quote from Weston's post...

Now don't be surprised if I widen my rookie cards I need to get to 2009 for more of a challenge, but I haven't done that yet. I'm almost as crazy as $30 a week habit wait not that crazy, but this will be still a challenge, but I think I can do it.
It's good to see that somebody has been paying attention!  Weston's not the only one however.  Mark from This Way to the Clubhouse sent me an email a couple weeks back letting me know that he had 3 more cards for the madness.  

Another nice mix of years and brands.  Always welcome any lot of cards that anyone may have, 1 or 100!
Thank you Mark, the cards are very much appreciated, and I will get an envelope in the mail for you this week (I am so behind on trades it isn't funny).

Oh, and as a little aside to the insanity project, I've been insane for a long time.  My penchant for crazy humor in my senior year of high school caused one of my classmates to write this in my yearbook.

Sanus fines insanus transit.  Loosely translated it means "sanity comes from being insane".  So you see, my insanity is a lifelong trend, not just blog related humor....

thanks for reading, Robert

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